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Protecting and Projecting- 60 minute Vocal Health Workshop

From the obvious careers that might put strain on voices, like classroom teachers and call centre staff, to the ones you may not think about, like solicitors and doctors – good vocal health is vital in every workplace.

The 60 minute Vocal Health Workshop helps you and your team understand the basic anatomy of the voice and ways to prevent it tiring quickly. So, if you and other senior leaders want to nail that important presentation, you want to keep your sales team talking and closing, or you’re saving the voices of your teaching staff, this vocal health workshop will give you and your team the techniques you need.


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Vocal Coaching for Leaders

When you lead an organisation, you need to make an impact on hundreds, or even thousands, of people. Before you walk out in front of them, you’ve already carefully crafted your words. But is your voice up to the task?

Just 7% of what your peers are focussed on is your content. The other 93%? Your voice and delivery. With vocal coaching, I’ll help you confidently deliver and project your voice, so that you leave a lasting impact.

Package 1: The Speaker Impact Programme

  • Five 60 minute coaching sessions
  • Release nerves and tension in the body with vocal warm-ups
  • Understand and demonstrate the power of different voice qualities; from dynamics and pace, to pitch and the power of silence
  • Dedicated time to practise, using your own scripts and keynote speeches
  • Receive a personalised notes after each session with a practice plan, so you’ll feel confident and ready to deliver

Package 2: Perfect Delivery Session

  • 90min coaching session
  • You’ll use a section of that all-important speech to learn flexibility and vocal clarity in tone and authority. 
  • You’ll feel energised and ready to make an impact

Package 3: Key Confidence Session

  • 60 minute coaching session
  • Learn my top 5 tips to get the best out of your speaking voice, giving you the power to sound confident with the right projection to nail that presentation

We have a large team. How many people can you accommodate?

There’s no need to have a limited number of participants for vocal health workshops. I’ve delivered vocal health sessions from a one-to-one basis with professional speakers, right up to hundreds of teachers in a large school academy chain.
If you prefer a more in-depth vocal health session with smaller groups, I can run a course of four weekly sessions with 1 - 5 people. Contact me for more details.

A member of our team is suffering from tonsillitis/laryngitis. Should they still take part?

I know it can be disappointing, but they should not take part if they are still symptomatic of the illness. If they’re over the worst of their symptoms, they’re welcome to join our session but not take part in the practical exercises whilst they rest their voice and are back to full health.

Can this workshop replace vocal rehabilitation?

Definitely not. If you have participants who have an existing vocal injury, you must encourage them to consult a medical professional.

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